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Introducing Nespresso Coffee 
We Now Provide Nespresso Coffee Stations
Gourmet Nespresso Coffee Stations are available for all types of Corporate Events & Personal Occasions.
  • We do the shopping for you! Personal Shopper fee is $25.00 an hour.
  • Catering is $75.00 an hour
  • Includes free party clean up!
  • Bartending w/ coffee available!
  • Danishes, pastries, & cookies are available to order.
  • Only the finest gourmet coffee will do! 

Gourmet Italian Ice Catering Services
  • We provide Gourmet Italian Ice Stations for all types of Parties, Events & Occasions.
  • Catering is $75.00 an hour
  • Includes Basic free party clean up!
  • Bartending Services are Also available w/ italian ice!
  • Only the coolest gourmet Italian Ice scoops for the kid in you! 

Serving Dade, Broward & Palm Beach County
email: Daidree3@yahoo.com | call: (786)343-7936
Professional Bartending Services 
  • We provide professional upscale bartending services for all types of parties, events & occasions.
  • Bartending Services are $75.00 an hour
  • Specialty drinks & punches made to order!
  • Servers & party host available at your request!
  • Includes Basic free party clean up!
 Nespresso Coffee Stations & Demostrations